My Services

Below you will find a list of services I can provide along with the costs associated with them.

Virus and Spyware Removal – $110 Flat Fee –

I will return your computer to you just as it was before the infection and improve the performance. Includes cleaning all viruses, spyware, adware, trojans, malware, etc. from your computer and installing free virus protection. I will also update all of the software in your computer to the latest version and optimize the system so it runs at its best. No antivirus software is perfect. Even the really expensive software doesn’t catch everything. The software I install is light weight so it won’t slow down your computer and offers excellent protection.

Computer Repair – Hardware Costs Vary – $110 Flat Fee for Service –

This covers a wide range of things including diagnosis and replacement of failed hardware (the cost of replacement parts is extra), fixing errors in Windows, general clean up to speed up a slow computer, reinstalling Windows if necessary, making sure your personal files are safe.

Hardware Upgrade Installation – $110 Flat Fee for each-

If you computer is running slow you might benefit from a RAM Memory or Hard drive upgrade. Depending on the age and type of components in your computer a CPU upgrade may be available which can greatly increase the computers performance. If you want to make your own CDs and DVDs I can add a CD/DVD burner. I offer free recommendations of upgrades and can find you the best price for the parts your computer needs. Every computer, at some point, comes to the end of it’s usefull life. If I think the upgrades available for your computer are too expensive and would not benefit you, I will tell you.

Laptop Repair – $110 Fee-

I can replace a non functional or cracked laptop display. Let me know the model number of your laptop and I will get you the price. Hard drive failure is common in laptops and I have lots of experience in replacing the drives. Reinstalling Windows onto the new drive is included. I can often recover your personal files from a failing hard drive as well. Power connections on laptops are another common point of failure. It may be that the AC adapter’s connection is broken or loose. I would need to take a look. If this is the case I can find you a replacement AC adapter. If it is not the AC adapter I can replace the power connection on the laptop. Again the costs depend on the model.

Data Recovery – $90 to $150 Fee-

If your hard drive or flash drive is failing or you have a scratched DVD I can often recover your files. If I can’t get your files I don’t charge anything. If I can get your files I charge $60 for the recovery if I’m also replacing the drive. If I am not replacing the failed device I charge $90 to recover the data. I can put your files on another hard drive, flash drive or DVD.

Building a Custom Computer – $160 Flat Fee –

If you need a new computer I can build one for you or recommend one that fits your needs and budget. I have been building computers for several years.  I can build you anything from a $400 computer to a several thousand dollar computer with all the bells and whistles. My fee is $160 for most builds.

Tutoring – $110 per hour –

I can teach you a wide variety of computer skills and will come to your home or place of business for lessons. Give me a call, tell me what you want to learn and I’ll tell you if I can help. If it is something I don’t know very well or not at all I won’t just take your money. I will tell you so and do my best to point you in the right direction.

Wireless Network Setup – $110 per hour –

This includes setting up and configuring your router to share Internet access with your computers and devices. Includes getting up to 4 computers and devices online. Additional devices are $10 each. I secure the network so your neighbors and people passing by in cars CAN NOT access your network and computers. I’ll enable file and printer sharing between all of your computers and devices and set up a VOIP telephone device (like Vonage) if you have one.

Forms of Payment

I can accept cash, check and credit or debit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover) and PayPal.